Chris Harding

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Winstanley

Chief Compliance Officer

Mike, with education from Aberdeen Technical College and Aberdeen Commercial College in electronics and accountancy, brings 49 years of experience in design, product development, and technical procedures. His involvement spans ownership, leadership, and operation of businesses in design, manufacturing, intervention, project engineering and management, as well as maritime training and recycle-reuse ventures.

Delivering solutions to diverse sectors across Aquaculture, Broadcast, Defence, Infrastructure, Leisure, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Recycle-Reuse, and Renewable energy, Mike stays at the forefront of technology, process, and legislation. This positions him to lead teams, establish global supply chains, and assist clients in successfully bringing their products and projects to market.

Passionate about innovation and committed to ensuring safe, reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions, Mike also encourages and nurtures new talents to enter and develop within these industries along the way.

Carole Wong

Chief Strategy Officer

All Team Members

Gavin Drysder

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Drysder is a seasoned industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the energy, petrochemicals, and waste industries. His skilful leadership and active engagement have played a vital role in directing successful business transformations and establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders like BP, Aramco, Shell, and more.

Navigating the complex terrain of these dynamic sectors, Gavin discerns genuine opportunities and consistently delivers outstanding results. His commitment extends beyond business success, as he champions rigorous adherence to corporate governance and ESG guidelines, striking a harmonious balance between profitability and environmental responsibility.

In his leisure pursuits, Gavin finds joy in art and wine collecting. His personal interests also extend to the exhilarating world of sports cars, exemplifying a passion that complements his strategic and dynamic professional endeavours.