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Our Mission

The Projects Team provides an array of comprehensive client-side project and engineering management services, ensuring end-to-end project delivery and engineering excellence.


Achieving success extends beyond proficient project and asset management, it entails skillfully managing expectations, cultivating strong relationships, and navigating change.


Our responsibilities encompass more than timely and cost-effective project delivery for our clients or efficient asset operations, maintenance, and overall functionality. We are dedicated to delivering a transparent, efficient, and inclusive functional process. As trusted partners, we actively collaborate with our clients to transform their visions into tangible reality, going beyond mere consultancy.

Driving Success Through Expertise and Innovation

Powering Progress with Strategic Project Management and Engineering Solutions


Frequently asked questions


What services does your consultancy provide?

We provide a range of Project & Asset Management Consultancy Services, which include technology and innovation services.


What qualifications do your engineers and consultants have?

Our team Subject Matter Experts Consultants carry a range of qualifications, which includes PHDs & Master’s within engineering and business that they have obtained from prostidude universities like Cambridge & Oxford


What is your experience level in the industry?

Our Subject Matter Experts Consultants have extensive experience within industry, when combined equates to 100 years of proven expertise.


What types of industries do you specialise in?

We specialise in the Energy, Refining, Infrastructure, Petrochemicals, and Waste Management industries.

Welcome to The Projects Team, where excellence in project management and engineering consultancy come together to drive your ventures to new heights.

Subject Matter Experts

Our Specialties

Project Lifecycle Management:

Delivering comprehensive project management solution services. Including overall accountability of all technical and commercial aspects, especially overall cost, schedule and safety risks.

Asset Lifecycle Management:

Focused on delivering asset lifecycle management services, including operations, maintenance, life extension through too decommissioning.

Engineering Technical & Commercial Assurance:

Delivering engineering design validation and cost assurance to attain project execution sanction. 

Environmental and Sustainability:

Delivering services related to environmental and sustainability matters, such as conducting environmental impact evaluations, creating environmental management strategies, and devising sustainable design approaches.